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Dowa District Wiki

提供: 同和地区Wiki
移動先: 案内検索

Dowa District Wiki's intention

The purpose of the Dowa district wiki is to investigate accurate information on all Dowa districts (aka : discriminated bribes, unreleased bribes, or simply "Buraku", "district", alley).

Anything other than the above-mentioned purpose, such as secondary objectives / thought ideas, affiliated organizations, social standpoints, etc., is not required. However, this wiki is made by people with a common purpose of "identifying Dowa districts".

"The goal is to make a society that will not be discriminated, even if you know that the place where you were born and raised was a Buraku, hiding a Buraku is not a release from discrimination. Let's make a society that is not discriminated even if you understand it, so that we can create a society that will not discriminate against disabled people even if they have disabilities in their families. "
(Kinki University Professor, Hitoshi Okuda) [1]
"While being a Burakumin, it is to discriminate against Buraku against himself" 
(Secretary of the Tokyo Bunka Federation Association Secretary, Yoshikazu Okuda) [2]
"If you take pride as a Burakumin you will suffer"[3]
"Teacher Ogasawara Masako should be scared of discrimination, have pride as a Burakumin, let the Burakumin declaration remove the suffering"[3]
"Dowa education section chief is a discriminator who can not even let his wife declare the Buraku people"[3]
"Masako Ogasawara who does not declare the Burakuman is a discriminator"[3]
"It is discrimination against my father that I do not want to touch about my father (from Buraku), I will be crying in the shade of the grass."[3]
"Looking back at the Hitotsubashi small incident, I do not think that I was wrong at all."[4]
(Buraku Liberation League Kochi City Cooperation, Mr. Masako Morita President's View on the Compulsion of the Burakumin Declaration)
It is said that the exhibition building managed by Tottori Loop publishes the "National Buraku survey". I think that this publication itself is a good thing. Because it is contradictory to the word "It is time to pride that it is prosperous" written in the Levellers(Suiheisha) Declaration and "Hide the place of living" are contradictory. Why do I have to hide my hometown of pride?
(Nonfiction writer Yoshihiro Uehara) [5]
"From now, I should have announced the location of Buraku across the country at the time of the formation of Levellers(Suiheisha). Or should have been made public when reset after the war."
"The book named Comprehensive List of Buraku Area Names is nothing wrong. Companies that used it are bad.
(writer Senichiro Shiomi)"[6]
"The identity of being a Buraku is in danger and my condition is that my parents can not take pride in the area, I regard the current cultural and social rights as being violated."
(Buraku Liberation League Tochigi Federation Federation Secretary = then · Wada Kenichi) [7]
From the spirit that the unique name is deleted, the mosaic is applied to the individual's portrait, and that is personal information protection, "new words" will not be born. "Do not panic, face each other, accept." I have been saying these three in the Buraku liberation campaign. However, there was a senior executive who said that "it is discrimination to give the place name of the discrimination Buraku (Dowa district)". So I told him. "Well, the Buraku Liberation Movement is not going to cause turbulence on the plains." Do not specify the name of the place. If you say "Do not tell where the discrimination Buraku (Dowa district) is located", if you say, "Initialize the place name in the liberation newspaper, the prefecture colonial name / district assembly name / branch name of the crown flag". He kept silent.

There is no reason to assume discrimination Buraku (Dowa district) and its origins, why do you tell "pride of discrimination"? When you feel that you are going to benefit for you, give it up, hide it when you feel bad. Then, is not it that the proof of existence (identity) of "Burakumi" is really bad?

The Buraku liberation campaign has never met this challenge since the establishment of Levellers(Suiheisha) (1922). As a result, Buraku problem remained as "a troublesome problem" as usual. I think "I want to break down memories and passions of minus images and work hard to reconcile and restore relationships." There is not much time left. I will do it for your health.
(Professor of Gifu University, Keiichi Fujita)
In order to aim for the liberation from Buraku discrimination, I have continued saying in the Buraku liberation campaign that it is important to "do not fray, face each other and accept." That is, the anxiety about the display of names, place names, liberation halls, community centers, addresses of neighboring halls and the like will not disappear, and in each case documentary films and the like may "enter the store", "Buraku liberation movement and It was a conclusion that I asked myself, "What on earth is it?" Even Mr. Nonaka even said Mr. Akishi Uozumi ("Nonaka Hiromu ─ discrimination and power" author Kodansha) said, "While staring at me with the eyes that made my tears blush, I told you about Buraku He said that he knew how painful my family is doing by saying that he knew it would be so, and wrote it. (p.350) "Concealment and Exposure". From this endless circulation whirlpool, the Buraku liberation movement has not been able to escape even after 92 years since the launch of the horizontal company. While new sensibilities are being developed, many people say "avoid discrimination between school districts and school districts that children attend." Not only the Buraku Liberation League, but also those who have said "Buraku liberation!" At least once, may be responsible for answering this difficult question.
(Professor of Gifu University, Keiichi Fujita)
 My child
 To you
 I want to name my hometown with my chest tight
 I raise my eyes and I have no hesitation
 I'd like to name it "This is my home" [8]
"It is no time to hide the place name. The meaning of giving out names is greater."
(Nagano Prefecture Kamakatai-gun Obuse town, Osamu from the Showa-machi Buraku, Eisaku Kitazawa)[9]
"The parties stand up, saying that you can go strong and become strong. I think that this is something I have to think about now. When placing a place name on a book for a moment, it would be better to stop discrimination because it scatters discrimination. Basically, I will withdraw everything. I feel that it is useless unless there is a stance of trying to discriminate."
(Human rights center Nagano secretary general, Norio Takahashi)[10]
"The reason why the place name which was a pseudonym in the first edition was revised to a real name is that using the pseudonyms themselves does not lead to depreciating being a discriminated bribe, or if it seems to be a bribe himself, It was from reflection on that I could not get it."
(Hatsue Kobayashi) [11]
By the way, the second thing that we revealed through this roundtable discussion is the reality that various unfortunate incidents are born because we hide the Buraku. The starting point of the roundtable discussion is "Because unhappy incidents are born because they are hidden, so we will tell them properly to get rid of those incidents", so it is of course something unfortunate It was presumed to some extent that it was born, and it was also expected that such a problem will be issued in the roundtable discussion, but hiding it has created such a serious problem No one could have expected it. A very serious problem was reported.
Indeed, I myself attended a roundtable discussion of the eight branches, but there were five incidents reported only at the roundtable discussion. Particularly impressive is the story of A kid in Kumagaya city.
A child who lives in the M district of Kumagaya city graduated from high school and got a job at a building material company in the city. She was there to associate with a man in the same workplace and to be married to each other. However, she suddenly turned down her companionship from the man one day. Because of Buraku. She was not informed until that time, for the first time she knew that she was from Buraku. Therefore, she received a double shock. I do not know how big it was now, but she suffered a mentally deep wound with the shock, and it remained as a disorder. From this point on, she is unable to overcome the mental illness, she is sending a lonely day that kept her home. If I ask, her house seems to have lived with my father because my son was sick in my younger days, but it seems that she has already been in the late thirties for about eight years since the incident However, her disease is said to be unlikely to recover. This story is the story of A's son in a roundtable discussion, but in the story of his uncle, as her father is opposed to the liberation movement at the same time, how Even if I worked, it was a point of being left alone, which means that I could not put any hands on my hands. Even though it is one of the incidents that occurred to not teach Buraku, is not it too cruel? I have not examined the detail yet, so I do not know the details, but there is no way I can forgive such a tremendous story that one woman's life is easily trampled down by discrimination. Even so, if I properly teach Buraku problems and Buraku origin, and I guarantee discrimination not to lose, I will not regret it.
This story, however, is only an example. Actually, though not so serious, it was issued at a roundtable discussion where similar stories go. For example, if you go to Nara prefecture of your married woman's parents house and try to apply for marriage there, it is said from your opponent's parent "You are Dowa.", and there is no word to return to that word heard for the first time Talking back to Saitama and talking about the truth to parents as they return home, it is a story of Mr. B that you are sorrowfully worried about "Buraku native origin" heard from parents, crying all night. From the man he liked, he was declined married on the grounds of the Buraku, and for the first time he knew that he was from Buraku, then he stayed in his room for four days and kept crying without taking a meal. 'S story .... None of this was really truly painful stories.
The fact that various unfortunate incidents are occurring because it hides like this, the second problem that this was clarified through the roundtable discussion.
(Buraku Liberation League Saitama Prefecture Secretary General Akiyuki Kataoka)[12]
If the content on the cited net promotes discrimination on Buraku, the question arises as to whether the contents of published books, which are original materials, will not attract Buraku discrimination.

The published "10 Year History" (my father worked as a director of the Osaka Municipal Association, the book he wrote at that time), the tough situation of the discrimination village at that time, that It is based on the movements of district residents and Osaka city authorities who are working on improvement, and it is assumed that they are made public (widely read), and I believe that publishing on the Internet has no problem. [13]

1) Asking if they are Buraku. 2) To find out whether it is a Buraku. 3) Teaching whether it is a Buraku. 1) is not good, 2) "To find out whether it is a Buraku," this is also no use. It is impossible to investigate this. If you go to the national administration, you are almost ready, so you can see it if you think to see it. As this is free to browse, although it was sealed with respect to "Dowa's scary thinking", in a library in Hiroshima it seems that "Dowa's scary thinking", but he seems to have done such a thing. 3) But, "Do you teach whether it is a Buraku?" Do not tell me, this is the most sinful thing, why is it, when I say, "When is Sumiyoshi a Buraku?", I said "Yeah Because it is because it is said that it is a Burakumi who answers, "But since everyone is saying as I say," I heard but Sumiyoshi is a Buraku, "everyone is heard and" "If you answer", I will tell you whether it is a Buraku, so it will be a discriminator. With that in mind, it is not only to close our mouths but also to close all the mouths of those trying to solve the Buraku problem. I disagree with this thought that such a thing is wrong.[14]

Recently, I learned from the student's presentation, but searching for Buraku (Dowa district) located in municipalities on the Internet is not only easy to explicitly show the Osaka city bribe by the "Tottori loop" which had been from before, You can do it. By the way, when searching from another route different from "Tottori loop", my area could be displayed on the screen at once. Carefully, the source has also been written, many of which are books and pamphlets issued by liberation publishers involved in the establishment of the Buraku Liberation League. From quotations from those sources, quotations are limited to objective facts, so quotation will not be able to conclude "Buraku discrimination". If the quotation is "Buraku discrimination", the issued books and pamphlets which are cited sources may also be considered as incentives for "Buraku discrimination". Prior to the war, the whole country 's horizontal company stated that even a list such as discrimination terms and Buraku geographical superintendent never condemned the research to be used by researchers as Buraku discrimination. However, is it possible to draw this researcher and other people? Also, like this time, using books written by researchers, such as "contents linked to a Buraku list", quoting can be called "Buraku discrimination"? Instead, although it seems that you may hear an objection that it is Buraku discrimination that researchers' use of lists / materials etc, which are made clear by Buraku discrimination, is the Buraku discrimination, but there is "Buraku discrimination intention" The question arises as to who is going to make a decision that there is no such thing, and whether the decision can be made easily.
I believe that the location of Buraku should be open by the following three points.
① When Levellers(Suiheisha) including researchers including discrimination terms opens the door to clearly indicating the place name of Buraku, think that the location of the discrimination village was opened. Needless to say, in the Levellers(Suiheisha) Declaration, "It is time to be proud of being Eta" has been said.
② Buraku residents have accepted the fact that discrimination tribe is a discriminated tribe as a beneficiary of countermeasures project for 33 years under "the law on special measures for Dowa projects" in 1969. Therefore, the question of "Where is the facility created by the Dowa countermeasures project" to each municipality, the local government side can not deny, there is no choice but to obvious.
③ From the point that discrimination Buraku originally is a discrimination event rooted in the local community, it is difficult to continue to cover "clearly" in the community, rather we actively "slept It also goes against the movement which fought with those who say that "Let's sleeping dogs lie." "[15]
(Buraku Liberation League Osaka Fudan Sumiyoshi Branch : Sumida Ichiro)

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